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​Part-time job recruitment

Kenzanso is looking for a part-time job in Natsuyama.

Those who like mountains and are energetic, apply by TEL, letter, etc., and those who are expected to be hired will be asked to send a resume.
We will make the final decision.

Scheduled to be hired 6 boys and 4 girls

Recruitment period Long-term late June to early October, medium-term mid-July to late September, short-term late July to late August

I would like to decide the period according to the consultation.

Daily salary from 8400 yen (no food expenses required)

We will pay transportation expenses up to 30,000 yen.

Occupation General mountain lodge business (cooking assistance, cleaning, shops, etc.)


There is a mountain climbing excursion on Mt. Tsurugi.

How to apply Please call us first. To TEL090-8965-5799 Tomoaki Saeki.

55 Ashikuraji, Tateyama-cho, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama E-mail:

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